Quinault Indian Nation

Quinault Indian Nation
P.O. Box 189
Taholah, WA 98587

Phone: (360) 276-8215 or 8211

Website: www.quinaultindiannation.com/

Quinault Division of Natural Resources

Street Address:
1214 Aalis Dr. – Building C
Taholah, WA 98587

Website: http://www.qlandandwater.org

Fisheries Policy Spokesperson/NWIFC Commissioner
Ed Johnstone

Natural Resources Director
Dave Bingaman

Assistant Natural Resources Director
Pauline Capoeman

Environmental Protection Division Manager
Mark Mobbs

TFW/FFR Biologist
Justine James, Jr.

Freshwater Ecologist
Tom Gibbons

Wetland Specialist
Janice Martin

Science Section
Larry Gilbertson

Marine Resources Scientist
Joe Schumacker

Technical Support Section
Rob Rhoads

Forestry Division Manager
Greg Masten

Marine Fish and Shellfish Biologist
Scott Mazzone

Salmon Resources Scientist
Bill Armstrong

Operations Section Manager
Tyler Jurasin