Wildlife Project Reports

Makah Fawn Report
– Factors Affecting the Survival of Black-tailed Deer Fawns on the Northwestern Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Updated February 2011)

Thesis by Barbara J. Moeller:
Migratory and Non-migratory Movements and Habitat Use by Female Elk in the Cascade Range of Washington

Thesis by Shannon Murphie:
“Effect of Hair Loss Syndrome on Survival, Behavior and Habitat Selection of Black-Tailed Deer Fawns” | Story

Modeling Elk Sightability Bias of Aerial Surveys During Winter in the Central Cascades– This study was funded by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, BIA Unresolved Hunting and Fishing Rights Grant, and a USFWS TWG grant.

Hoko Game Management Unit Population Estimate 2001

Hoko Game Management Unit Population Estimate 2002

Final Report for Black-tailed Deer Research – Makah Tribe

Movements and Habitat Use of Female Roosevelt Elk in Relation to Human Disturbance on the Hoko and Dickey Game Management Units, Washington– 2006

Diet, Nutrition, and Reproductive Success of Roosevelt Elk in Managed Forests of the Olympic Penninsula, Washington– 2006