Web Applications

These new Web Applications do not require any special plug-ins to operate. These are beta versions of the applications so any feedback would be appreciated.

TOCAS (Tribal Online Accounting System)

TOCAS contains the most recent salmon catches for Treaty and Non-Treaty fisheries. Formerly New SoftData and Fast Report.

TOCAS Ticket View

TOCAS Ticket View allows the user to view and print scanned images of completed Treaty fish and shellfish tickets. Use the same log-in information as you do for TOCAS, as credentials and permissions are linked to your TOCAS account.

Tickets Dashboard (BETA)

This is an experimental dashboard that shows both the number of tickets processed each year broken out in various categories and catch statistics by species in various charts. This project is currently in development & testing mode.

Recreational Angling Impact Database (RAID)

The Recreational Angling Impact Database (RAID) is a mark-selective fishery (MSF) database containing estimates of the numbers of salmon released and retained, number of mortalities, and information on coded-wire tags (CWTs) recovered in MSFs. The database currently includes the ability to produce reports on sport fishery impacts, CWTs observed in the fishery samples, and estimates of marked and unmarked double index tag (DIT) mortalities in MSFs. The development and implementation of this database have been a joint effort of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC).

Currently, the database has these estimates for Chinook salmon mark-selective fisheries in Puget Sound statistical areas (WDFW Catch Areas 5 through 13) for 2003-2010.


This application can show tidal information from any NOAA tide station in the US. It was written to show how to incorporate JSON data from various locations as well as to incorporate mapping.


Web HCLS contains historic catches from 1952 to 1970 for all salmon species and steelhead. The data is summarized by Area, Gear and Date. Some Treat and non Treaty breakout is available in the later years.

Fish ID Program

NW Indian Virtual Library – e.g. Boldt Case Database