Water Resources Specialist III/Hydrologist – Lummi Nation

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Assist the Water Resources Manager to provide administrative and technical support services to the Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) Natural Resources Department (LNR). Administrative duties may include supporting program planning, reporting, grant administration, and staff coordination. Technical duties may include conducting and coordinating biological and/or hydrological studies/reviews and/or providing technical review and drafting comments on project or program proposals to ensure protection of Treaty resources, particularly those related to water quality/quantity, shellfish, and anadromous fish stocks. Project proposals that could be reviewed include, but are not limited to: flood control projects; industrial, urban, and residential development proposals; road and bridge construction and repairs; agricultural practices; Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license applications; National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit applications; and marine docks/piers.

The Hydrologist will coordinate with the LNR Technical Review Committee representative to screen on-Reservation permit applications for potential impact to Treaty resources within the boundaries of the Lummi Reservation. The Hydrologist will also be responsible for developing, updating, reviewing, and/or supporting the implementation of LNR and Lummi Water Resources Division (LWRD) assessment reports and planning documents, coordinating the Lummi Nation Spill Prevention and Response Team efforts, supporting the LIBC Multi-Hazard Mitigation Team efforts, and supporting floodplain management efforts.

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