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Historical fish hook draws community together

A fish hook has tied history, culture and the Makah community together in unexpected ways. The čibu·d (pronounced “cha bood”), or halibut hook, became the subject of a student project during an internship with Makah Fisheries Management. “I had a student, Larry Buzzell, come to me wanting to do a project that related to historical […]

VIDEO: Boldt Decision Memoir: Billy Frank Jr. and UW Professor Richard Whitney

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission chairman Billy Frank Jr. sits down with UW Professor Richard Whitney to reminisce about their involvement with tribal treaty rights and the Boldt decision in the 1970s and 1980s. Whitney was the fisheries technical advisor to federal Judge George Boldt, whose opinion in U.S. v. Washington upheld tribal treaty fishing rights […]

Climate crisis jeopardizes tribal sovereignty

Michele “Shelly” Vendiola of Swinomish discusses the ways climate change interferes with tribal treaty rights and sovereignty in a column, “Tribal Sovereignty is jeopardized by climate crisis” in the Earth Day edition of Race-Talk: Now tribes face a serious quagmire in the face of climate change that makes it challenging, if not impossible, for sovereignty […]

Salish Sea Nations climate change summit April 26-27

Leaders, scientists, policy analysts and legal staff of the Coast Salish Nations will gather April 26-27 to strengthen approaches, relationships and discuss potential issues of the environmental impacts of climate change on tribal natural resources, traditional rights and cultural sustainability. The two-day Impacts of Climate Change on Our Tribal Lifeways in the Salish Sea Ecosystem […]

Daily Herald explores tribal hunting traditions

The Daily Herald of Everett has a story about treaty tribal hunting rights: State and federal regulations curb the hunting of endangered wildlife and protect developed areas from gunfire, but American Indians say those laws also violate the terms of treaties they signed with the federal government more than 150 years ago. Before settlers reached […]