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Makah whaling draft EIS up for public comment

The Makah Tribe continues to work toward exercising their treaty right to hunt the gray whale, removed from the federal Endangered Species list in 1994, through a process to access the exemption listed in the Marine Mammal Protection Act. NOAA Fisheries is inviting public comments on a new Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that evaluates […]

Historical fish hook draws community together

A fish hook has tied history, culture and the Makah community together in unexpected ways. The čibu·d (pronounced “cha bood”), or halibut hook, became the subject of a student project during an internship with Makah Fisheries Management. “I had a student, Larry Buzzell, come to me wanting to do a project that related to historical […]

Coastal Tribes Convene to Tackle Climate Change

On Washington’s rugged Pacific coast, the Quinault Indian Nation has depended on salmon for thousands of years. But the glaciers that feed the Quinault and Queets Rivers and sustain these salmon populations are in retreat because of climate change, threatening the very survival of the salmon. In Alaska, native villages are pulling up stakes and […]

Climate change: Washington coastal tribes hosting symposium blending indigenous knowledge with western science

The inaugural First Stewards symposium, to be held July 17-20 in Washington, D.C. is a national event that examines the impact of climate change on indigenous coastal cultures and explores solutions based on millennia of traditional ecological knowledge. Hundreds of native leaders, witnesses and climate scientists will join policy-makers and non-government organizations for groundbreaking dialogue […]