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Quileute Tribe Restoring Creeks For Fish

FORKS (Sept. 5, 2001) – Two nameless tributaries of the Shuwah River northeast of Forks will once again be hospitable for fish following the completion of a habitat restoration project by the Quileute Tribe. A crew of five tribal members is performing the physically demanding task of cutting and clearing wood and debris blocking the […]

Quinault Indian Nation Working To Improve Sockeye Returns

TAHOLAH (Sept. 5, 2001) The blueback or sockeye salmon has been synonymous with the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) for thousands of years. While all salmon are important to the QIN, recent efforts to enhance the populations of Lake Quinault/Quinault River sockeye using state-of-the art management techniques are particularly important given the blueback

Fixing Barrier Culverts Aim of Treaty Tribes’ Suit

Treaty Indian tribes in western Washington filed suit in federal district court against the State of Washington to compel the state to fix and maintain culverts under state roads in western Washington that illegally prevent wild salmon from reaching spawning and rearing habitat. The suit was filed as a sub-proceeding of United States v. Washington […]

Questions And Answers Regarding The Tribal Culvert Case

What Is The Cause Of Action The Tribes Are Claiming Under The Culvert Case? The Washington State Department of Transportation and other state agencies have built road culverts that either were improperly designed and installed or have failed to maintain adequate fish passage. Fish blocking culverts contribute to the loss of spawning and rearing habitats […]