Salmon Enhancement Manager – Lummi Nation

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Provide program leadership, management and technical support services to achieve the Lummi Salmon Enhancement mission to provide and replenish the salmon resource for the Lummi community to harvest rates experienced in the mid-1980s. Coordinate with technical and policy staff within the department to direct and coordinate all aspects of Lummi Nation’s salmon enhancement and recovery programs and projects.

This is an exempt position that serves as a senior staff natural resource specialist and division manager. A division manager is assigned projects that are a high priority for the department; supervises, trains, and mentors junior staff to successfully operate Lummi Nation’s three hatchery facilities and manages a multi-species fish rearing program. Hatchery operations include: fish production, fish distribution, program planning, maintenance, training, safety, and public relations. The manager will also develop, fund, implement and manage construction projects intended to improve and modernize Lummi Nation salmon enhancement facilities.

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