Fisheries Biologist III – Lummi Nation

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This is a grant-funded professional-level position working in the Harvest Management Division of the Lummi Natural Resources Department (LNR). Under limited supervision from the Fisheries Harvest Manager, and with input from senior-level staff, the Fisheries Biologist III will be responsible for coordinating and leading LNR’s response to the serious environmental threat posed by invasive European green crab (EGC) on Lummi Reservation tidelands. This is a leadership position requiring the ability to plan, implement, and oversee multiple field projects, including scheduling and supervising field crews, troubleshooting equipment or sampling problems, managing all data collection, entry, and reduction, and completing all reporting requirements. Principal duties will vary by grant-funded project, of which there are three: 1) a large scale trapping effort to reduce the population and diminish the impact of EGC in the Lummi Sea Pond (LSP); 2) determination of the distribution and abundance and reduction of EGC using standard trapping techniques on reservation tidelands outside of the LSP; and 3) a research project identifying the distribution and abundance of EGC along a salinity gradient in the Lummi Nation’s vast network of tidally influenced, brackish and estuarine river channels near the mouths of the Lummi and Nooksack rivers.

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