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Tribes have hope for Obama

The Daily Herald of Everett: The new president has been in office for less than 24 hours, but the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission is wasting no time in making their requests for the next four years. In fact, the commission, which represents 20 tribes in the Pacific Northwest, including the Tulalip, Stillaguamish and Sauk Suiattle […]

Recommendations to the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress

Recommendations from the 24 treaty tribes represented by the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission regarding treaty tribal natural resources management in the Pacific Northwest. Download PDF file: [download#2] “Among the many responsibilities Ken will bear as our next Secretary of the Interior is helping ensure that we finally live […]

Tribes, salmon and floods

Eric De Place at the Sightline Daily Score blog writes an interesting piece about salmon and floods: …when I wrote that the costs of doing nothing about climate change outstrip the costs of fixing the problem, one person wrote asking for hard numbers. How do we know for certain which is more expensive? Maybe it […]

Puyallup Tribe eyes Boise Creek restoration

Puyallup Tribal News looks at the tribe’s plans for Boise Creek: One of the most critical spawning areas for salmon in the Puyallup River Basin is about to get some much-needed attention. A section of Boise Creek, one of the heaviest fish rearing creeks in the basin, will be the focus of a Salmon Recovery […]

Despite low chinook run, co-managers boost escapement

NISQUALLY – Good harvest management by tribal and state salmon co-managers has led to more chinook reaching the spawning grounds on the Nisqually River this year despite fewer returning chinook. “Overall fewer chinook returned Puget Sound-wide, but because we managed our fisheries the right way, we were able to reach our escapement goal,” said David […]

Old Maps Give New View Of Hood Canal’s Future

KINGSTON (Jan. 24, 2002) — When Captain George Davidson of the US Coast Survey mapped Hood Canal beginning in 1855, he probably didn’t realize that his work would one day give modern scientists a map to restoration. Davidson was leading an expedition to plot the coasts of the northwest for the federal government, in preparation […]