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Introducing Northwest Treaty Tribes

Tribes. Treaty Rights. That’s what we’re all about. This week, the treaty tribes in western Washington are launching a new communications effort called Northwest Treaty Tribes: Protecting Natural Resources for Everyone. At first blush, the only change you’ll notice is that instead of getting tribal natural resources news from social media and web platforms of […]

Restored, opened habitat leads to record run of coho from Goldsborough Creek

SHELTON – A combination of dam removal and aggressive habitat restoration has meant record runs of juvenile coho salmon in Goldsborough Creek for 2015. This year’s run of 113,000 juveniles counted by the Squaxin Island Tribe continues a strong trend of increasing the number of juvenile coho leaving the Goldsborough watershed. The previous record was […]

Seattle Times: Conservation groups seek increased shoreline protections in Puget Sound

From the Seattle Times this morning: Three conservation groups on Wednesday petitioned the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to change how it regulates seawalls, bulkheads or other barriers to increase habitat protections along Puget Sound shorelines. Such concrete or rock structures prevent erosion and protect waterfront homes, but they also alter beaches and disrupt habitat […]

Nettles are a vital part of tribal diets, culture

Thanks to a concerted effort by staff at the Nisqually Tribe’s community garden, tribal members can have regular access to nettles, an important traditional food. Nettles – despite their stinging reputation – are a highly nutritious and seasonally important plant to the tribe’s culture. Nettles begin growing in early spring. Until then, tribal members would […]

How the Squaxin Island Tribe is boosting shellfish populations

The Squaxin Island Tribe recently constructed a floating upwelling system (FLUPSY) to help maintain a growing shellfish enhancement program. “This gives us much more flexibility in our shellfish growing operation,” said Eric Sparkman, the tribe’s shellfish management biologist. “By buying seed, raising and holding it until we’re ready to plant, we are much more efficient.” […]