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Jim Peters

Habitat Policy Coordinator

Joe Petersen

Marine Resource Specialist

Ken Phillipson

Enhancement Data Specialist

Debbie Preston

Information Officer

Jared Remington

TICMP Technician III

Ash Roorbach

Forest Practices Coordinator

Gordon Rose

Quantitative Fisheries Biologist

Shannon Rosen

Payroll Specialist

Tiffany Royal

Information Officer

Dietrich Schmitt

Salmon Recovery Projects Coordinator

Amy Seiders

Catch Monitoring & Fish Data Coordinator

Ashley Shaffer

Fish Marking Coordinator

Adrian Spidle

Fishery Geneticist II

Matt Stinson

Microbiologist II

Tom Strong

Deputy Director


CMER Riparian Ecologist

Tyson Waldo

SSHIAP North Sound Biologist

Evan Weisdepp

Seasonal Fish Biologist II

Lucy Yanez

Contracts Specialist

Sandra Zeiner

Shellfish & Enforcement Policy Analyst