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Chris James

Conservation Planning Biologist

Galen Johnson

Population Dynamics Biometrician III

Bruce Jones

SSHIAP Section Manager

Robert Jones

Fisheries Policy Analyst II

Marilu Koschak

SSHIAP Mid-sound Biologist

Grant Lee

Fish Biologist II

Randy Lumper

Puget Sound Policy Analyst

Dani Madrone

Puget Sound Recovery Projects Coordinator

Chris Madsen

Wildlife Program Manager

Michael Martinez

Habitat Policy Analyst II

Kim Matson

TICMP Technician IV

Sam Matulich

Fish Biologist II

Ron McFarlane

GIS Data Analyst II

Mike Messenger

Information Systems Manager

Kari Neumeyer

Campaign Coordinator

Osa Odum

SSHIAP Coastal/Nearshore Biologist

Ron Olson

Hatchery Programs Manager

Katharine Onofryton

Program Veterinarian I

Justin Parker

Executive Director

Bill Patton

Regional Biologist-South Sound