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PBS: Salmon Streams’ Struggle Continues 40 Years After Clean Water Act

PBS recently featured a report on tribal efforts to restore salmon. The report was based on work done during the filming of “Poisoned Waters.”

From the Jim Leher News Hour:

JIM LEHRER: Next tonight, America’s waterways nearly four decades after passage of the Clean Water Act.

Our story comes from special correspondent Hedrick Smith. It was drawn from his recent “Frontline” project called “Poisoned Waters.”

Trust Is The Key To Better Fisheries Management

Cooperative natural resources co-management at its best was displayed during this year’s North of Falcon process for setting Indian and non-Indian salmon fishing seasons in western Washington. The results were protection of weak wild stocks and more fishing opportunity for everyone. We were able to once again fairly share the burden of conserving weak stocks while also sharing harvest opportunity where it exists.

Tribes modified their …

Swinomish Tribe Wins Historic Case Against Dike District

SWINOMISH RESERVATION(Sept. 5, 2008) – A Federal District court judge in Seattle has ruled in favor of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community in a case involving a diking and drainage district’s failure to comply with the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act when replacing tidegates in its jurisdiction. The Tribe brought the lawsuit against Skagit County Dike District No. 22 after several years of …

Billy Frank Jr. in the PI: salmon recovery is all about habitat

In addition to this piece in the PI, Frank also released a statement here. Seattle PI:

A lot of misplaced anger will be directed at the Pacific Fishery Management Council as it meets in Sacramento this week to set ocean salmon fishing harvest levels. That’s because the wrong people will be sitting across the table from representatives of thousands of fishermen and residents of coastal communities

Listen To The Salmon

OLYMPIA, WA (March 7, 2006) — This week I am turning 75 years young—time for me to think about what to do with the next half of my life.

But seriously, everyone who knows me knows I’ll continue to fight, to the last breath, to help restore salmon to the rivers of the Pacific Northwest—at harvestable levels. If I am remembered by anyone in future generations, …