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The State of Our Watersheds Interactive Viewer is available here.

The 2012 State of Our Watersheds Report, produced by the treaty tribes in western Washington, is a set of individual “stories” compiled by each tribe describing the loss of habitat in their watersheds. The chapters do not represent the tribes’ only problems or areas of interest, but are intended to utilize a wide range of science and data to create a specific and representative mark in time constructing an accurate measuring stick to document the trends of salmon habitat.

“As tribal people we have told stories for a long time, and we have to keep telling stories. The stories enclosed in this State of Our Watersheds report are important, because they tell the stories of all of us,” said Billy Frank Jr., chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. “We have always had a watershed perspective, and this report tells the story of salmon habitat from our perspective.”

The 2012 State of Our Watersheds report is also available on CD, so feel free to fill out and submit the request form to request a copy of the report.