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Pink Salmon Feeding Bull Trout »
A bull trout is tagged by Puyallup tribal staff at an adult trap on the White River.

A bull trout is tagged by Puyallup tribal staff at an adult trap on the White River.

The largest bull trout ever recorded on the White River was found by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians at an adult fish trap in June. The 12-pound fish was three times the size of the average bull trout.

“The most interesting thing about that bull trout is that we’ve seen it three times already in six years coming through the trap,” said Russ Ladley, resource protection manager for the tribe.

Tribal scientists tag and count every bull trout at the trap, so they have a good picture of the entire migratory portion of the White River bull trout population. The adult trap collects fish for trucking over an upriver dam.

The massive fish was part of a record tally of bull trout counted the White River, a major tributary to the Puyallup. So far this year the tribe has counted more than 400 bull trout at the Buckley Fish Trap, which is the largest count on record. “There is something definitely going on here, we’re seeing more and bigger bull trout each year,” Ladley said.

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Monitoring shows Skagit delta restoration benefits chinook more than expected »

Skagit River System Cooperative staff beach seines for juvenile fish use of Fisher Slough following a restoration.

A five-year monitoring effort has shown that the Fisher Slough restoration project has benefited juvenile chinook even more than predicted in the Skagit River Salmon Recovery Plan.

The Nature Conservancy led the project to restore tidal marsh habitat and connectivity in the Skagit watershed using a dike setback and …

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Being Frank

Tell The Truth »

Note: Being Frank is the monthly opinion column that was written for many years by the late Billy Frank Jr., NWIFC Chairman. To honor him, the treaty Indian tribes in western Washington will continue to share their perspectives on natural resources management through this column. This month’s writer is Dave Herrera, a Skokomish tribal member who serves as the tribe’s fish and wildlife policy advisor, and

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Ecology releases preliminary draft rules for standards that increase cancer risk »

Cross posted at Keep Seafood Clean.

The Associated Press covered the release of a preliminary draft rule on new water quality standards:

The state Department of Ecology on Tuesday released a draft rule that updates contentious water quality standards partly tied to how much fish people eat.

The official draft rule will be released in January 2015 and will include a public comment period. …

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