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What Tribal Hatcheries Are Doing to Save Salmon from the Drought »

Stillaguamish natural resources staff collect chinook salmon broodstock in this 2012 photo. This summer’s drought threatens the survival of returning salmon, prompting hatchery managers to take steps to save them.

Tribal hatchery managers are working to save salmon from potentially deadly water temperatures and low flows.

On the Olympic Peninsula, the Makah Tribe’s Hoko Hatchery released chinook three weeks early and sockeye a month early.

“In the summer, we’re usually looking at flows of 100 gallons a minute – we’re already at 160 gallons a minute and it’s only June,” said Joe Hinton, Makah hatchery manager. “Even with the lower flows, I have lots of room to spread them out – but as temperatures go up, I can’t do much about that.”

Temperatures higher than 60 degrees are bad for salmon, because pathogens such as Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (ich) and columnaris (gill rot) thrive in warm water. The diseases spread more quickly when the rivers are crowded by low flows, and can lead to increased pre-spawn mortality.
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Chief Kitsap Academy students build water sensor computers »

Using wires, computer chips, batteries, PVC piping, duct tape and glue, a group of students at Chief Kitsap Academy gathered data about water quality in their backyard this spring.

Working with the University of Washington, a group of nine high school students in Karen Matsumoto’s marine biology class constructed small computers with temperature probes to measure water temperature in the nearshore marine waters behind the school.…

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Being Frank

The Legacy of Billy Frank Jr. »

It has been a long year since Billy Frank Jr. walked on from this world on May 5, 2014. We deeply miss our longtime leader and good friend. We will continue to stay on the course he set for us as sovereign nations with treaty-reserved rights who co-manage the natural resources given to us by the Creator.

During this past year, Billy’s life as a champion …

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Seattle Times: Conservation groups seek increased shoreline protections in Puget Sound »

From the Seattle Times this morning:

Three conservation groups on Wednesday petitioned the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to change how it regulates seawalls, bulkheads or other barriers to increase habitat protections along Puget Sound shorelines.

Such concrete or rock structures prevent erosion and protect waterfront homes, but they also alter beaches and disrupt habitat for juvenile salmon, forage fish and other species.

So Friends of

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